Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

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3 days - $1,450

Adobe Illustrator is the preeminent drawing program for graphic artists today. This three-day hands-on course is designed to provide a new user with the skills to do the most important tasks in Illustrator; such as create shapes with the drawing tools, work with art boards, layers, use precise drawing techniques, combine and replicate design elements, create patterns and textures, and so much more. Attendees will acquire a thorough real-world knowledge of how to work productively with Illustrator on all of their graphic projects.

This Course is for…

This three-day hands-on course is designed to provide a new user with the skills to do the most important tasks in Illustrator.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • Application Overview

    • Illustrator Interface & Workspace
    • Work Area Control Palette
    • Work Page Pasteboard Rulers
    • Pop-Up Menus Scroll Bars
    • Tabbed Documents Application Window
    • Basic Palettes Tools Navigator Color
    • Stroke Layers Swatches
    • Palette Usage Collapsing Palettes
    • Joining/Separating Palettes Docking Palettes
    • Palette Options Workspaces
    • Saving & Editing
    • Creating New Documents CMYK vs RGB
    • Changing Page Size Setting the Units File Management
    • Save vs. Save As Standard File Formats
    • AI, PDF, EPS, Template
    • Using Art boards
    • Navigation & Essential Shortcuts

    The Tool Box and Drawing Shapes

    • Selection Tools (A.K.A. Arrows) Basic Text Tools
    • Basic Shapes Rectangle tool Ellipse tool Special Shapes
    • Keyboard shortcuts Pencil Tools
    • Line Tool
    • Polygon Tools & Line Tools
    • Pen & Pencil Tools
    • Drawing in Front, Drawing in Back & Drawing Inside

    Selecting and Editing Paths

    • Selection Tool & Direct Selection Tools
    • The Width Tool
    • Pathfinder Operations
    • Compound Paths & Compound Shapes
    • Spitting and Joining Paths
    • Copying Paths
    • The Eyedropper Tool
    • Smoothing and Erasing Paths

    Precise Drawing

    • Reflecting and Rotating Tools
    • Aligning and Grouping Objects

    Pen tool techniques

    • Pen Tools
    • Drawing lines and curves Editing paths
    • Simplifying Paths Cutting Paths & Shapes
    • Knife Tool Scissor Tool

    Colors and Gradients

    • Color Modes
    • Process (CMYK), RGB, HSB, Web RGB
    • Creating/Applying Colors Basic Fills
    • Basic Strokes Editing Colors
    • Creating Color & Gradient Swatches
    • Using Color Libraries
    • Live Color & Recoloring
    • Artwork Blends & Gradient Mesh

    Image Trace and Live Paint

    • Converting images to vector art
    • Using Live Paint to colorize art
    • Creating Live Paint groups Selecting/Coloring Live Paint
    • Fills Strokes
    • Editing Live Paint groups Editing objects
    • Adding shapes to Live Paint Groups

    Masking and Transparency

    • Clipping Masks
    • Isolation Mode
    • Opacity Masks
    • Layer Opacity

    Patterns and Brushes

    • Using Calligraphic, Scatter Art, Pattern & Bristle Brushes
    • Creating Seamless Pattern Tiles
    • Using Brush and Pattern Libraries

    Appearance and Graphic Styles

    • The Appearance Panel
    • Using and Saving Graphic Styles

    Effects and Symbols

    • Extruding Shapes
    • Extruding Type
    • Revolved Paths
    • Using Symbols and Mapping Artwork
    • Adding Symbols
    • Using Symbol Libraries
    • Editing in Isolation Mode Global Updates
    • Using Symbol Tools Setting Options

    Envelope Distortion

    • From Top Object Warp
    • Mesh Editing
    • Envelopes Original objects


    • Point Type
    • Path Type
    • Area Type
    • Character and Paragraph Settings
    • Entering “Point” Type
    • Working with (single) Text Blocks Basic Character Specification Basic Paragraph Specification Editing Text
    • Proper Text Selection Spell Check
    • Find & Change (Search & Replace) Case Change

    Stacking Order and Layers

    • Stacking Order
    • Arrange menu
    • Paste in Front/Behind Layers vs. Stacking order Layer Panel
    • Creating Layers Viewing Layers Locking Layers Duplicating Layers Deleting Layers Reordering Layers
    • Moving Objects between Layers

    Perspective Drawing

    • Perspective Drawing
    • Working with a Perspective Grid Using different planes
    • Adding Artwork in Perspective Using Text in Perspective

    Duplicating Objects

    • Copy and Paste
    • Paste in Front/Behind Option-Drag duplication Layer duplication Multiple Duplications
    • Transform Again
    • Application Overview
    • The Tool Box and Drawing Shapes
    • Selecting and Editing Paths
    • Precise Drawing
    • Pen tool techniques
    • Colors and Gradients
    • Image Trace and Live Paint
    • Masking and Transparency
    • Patterns and Brushes
    • Appearance and Graphic Styles
    • Effects and Symbols
    • Envelope Distortion
    • Type
    • Stacking Order and Layers
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Duplicating Objects