Apple Keynote

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1 days - $595

Apple’s Keynote is the equivalent of Microsoft’s PowerPoint. With it’s powerful set of tools and effects, Keynote makes it easy to create stunning presentations. In this one-day class you will learn how to design and customize slides, add media and music, animate text and images, record voice over narration and the best tips and tricks for presenting the final presentation. Course covers working with a Mac, iPhone and/or iPad and demonstrates how to collaborate in real time with other users

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Creating a Presentation

    • Opening Keynote
    • Choosing a Theme and Slide Size
    • Selecting a Master Slide
    • Outlining a Presentation
    • Using the Inspector
    • Working with the Format Bar
    • Pasting Text into an Outline
    • Formatting Text
    • Customizing a Slide Layout
    • Copying Styles Between Slides
    • Fixing Spelling Errors
    • Working in Outline View
    • Reordering Slides
    • Creating Object Effects
    • Dragging Files to Create New Slides
    • Using the Light Table

    2 – Creating a Custom Theme

    • Creating an Empty Theme
    • Creating Backgrounds and Formatting Text
    • Creating a Title Slide
    • Creating a Master Slide
    • Saving and Sharing Themes
    • Applying a Custom Theme
    • Dragging Files to Create New Slides
    • Using the Light Table
    • Working with Tables and Charts

    3 – Tables and Charts

    • Working with Tables and Charts
    • Chart and Table options
    • Understanding Axis and Series
    • 2D and 3D Charts
    • Animating Tables and Charts
    • Adding content from Microsoft Office or PDF Files

    4 – Adding Media to Your Presentation

    • Adding Photos and Graphics
    • Enhancing Photos in Keynote
    • Customizing Photo or Graphic Layouts
    • Making Part of a Photo or Graphic Transparent
    • Masking Photos and Shapes
    • Instant Alpha
    • Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
    • Adding a Chart or Table
    • Adding Audio or Soundtrack
    • Adding a Global Transition

    5 – Adding Video and Animation

    • Creating Builds to Reveal Text
    • Creating a Sequence Build to Reveal a Table
    • Creating a Smart Build
    • Creating Custom Animation
    • Animating Charts

    6 – Animating Your Presentation

    • Previewing the Presentation
    • 2D and 3D Transitions Between Slides
    • Creating Object Effects
    • Running and Pausing your Presentation
    • Animating a Title Slide
    • Adding HyperLinks to your Presentation
    • Using Magic Move
    • Recording a Narrated, Self Playing Presentation

    7 – Rehearsing and Delivering Your Presentation

    • Reviewing your Presentation
    • Adding Comments to your Presentation
    • Adding and Printing Presenter Notes
    • Rehearsing your Presentation
    • Creating a Self-running Slideshow
    • Troubleshooting your Presentation
    • Indexing with Spotlight

    8 – Importing from PowerPoint

    • Animating a Title Slide
    • Cleaning Up a Presentation
    • Enhancing a Presentation

    9 – Using an iOS Device as a Remote Control – Sharing Your Presentation

    • Printing handouts
    • Export for Email
    • Exporting to PDFs
    • Exporting to PowerPoint
    • Exporting to Quicktime
    • Sending to YouTube or the web

    10 – Exporting

    • Export For Email, PDFs
    • Uploading to iCloud or Moving between Computer and iCloud
    • Exporting to PowerPoint
    • Exporting to QuickTime
    • Sending to YouTube

    11 – Troubleshooting & Cleaning Up Your Presentation

    12 – Tips and Tricks

    13 – Working with Keynote on an iOS mobile device