Apple Numbers

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Apple iWork’s, Pages, Numbers and Keynote is the equivalent of Microsoft’s Office. With its powerful set of tools, features and effects, iWorks allows you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Numbers makes creating spreadsheets and even the most advanced formulas easy. This course covers all the functions of Numbers to allow you to work efficiently and with ease.

This Course is for…

This course is for anyone who wants to learn all the functions of Numbers to allow you to work efficiently and with ease.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • Spreadsheet Essentials

    • Opening Numbers
    • Choosing a Template
    • Working with Sheets
    • Working with Tables
    • Using the Inspector
    • Importing Spreadsheet Data
    • Formatting and Editing Data in a Table or Chart Using Table Styles
    • Using Checkboxes, Steppers and Sliders Modifying
    • Saving Table Styles Using Formulas and Functions
    • Adding Media
    • Printing Your Spreadsheet
    • Exporting Your Spreadsheet
    • Headers and Footers
    • Labels, Ticks and Grids

    Advanced Spreadsheets

    • Organizing Information Using Table Categories
    • Formatting a Time Report
    • Performing Calculations with Variables
    • Referencing Data
    • Formatting Displayed Data
    • Using Advanced Formulas with Functions

    Advanced Charting

    • Creating a Stacked 3D Bar Chart
    • Displaying a Margin of Error
    • Building a Mixed Chart
    • Comparing Data in a a2-Axis Chart
    • Making a Scatter Chart

    Sharing Documents

    • Printing
    • Email
    • PDFs
    • Converting to Excel
    • Spreadsheet Essentials
    • Advanced Spreadsheets
    • Advanced Charting
    • Sharing Documents