Cisco® Administering and Positioning Cisco Umbrella™ Operations (ADMUMB)

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2 days - $3,395

Cisco Umbrella™ is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet. Being able to understand and position how Cisco Umbrella™ works and what are the features is the key focus of this 2-day Cisco® online IT class. Students who enter the course with a basic understanding of Cisco® products and IT solutions will be able to describe the Cisco Umbrella™, understand Secure Internet Gateway and Ransomware Protection, discuss Threat Intelligence, use Cisco® Roaming Client.

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The primary audience for this course is as follows:
Channel Partner
System Engineers
System Administrators
Security Professionals

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Cisco Umbrella- Security Solution

    • Discuss Security Internet Gateway
    • Explain Ransomware Protection
    • DNS & IP layer enforcement
    • Intelligent Proxy
    • Command & control callback blocking
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Umbrella Packages

    2 – Implementing Cisco Umbrella

    • Overview of Cisco Umbrella
    • How do you Protect your network
    • Review how to Point your DNS to Cisco Umbrella
    • What are the custom policies?
    • Discuss Intelligent Proxy
    • Umbrella Policy Tester
    • Policy Precedence

    3 – Roaming Client

    • Introduction to Umbrella Roaming Client
    • Prerequisites
    • Downloading and Installing
    • Adding IP Layer Enforcement
    • Status, States, and Functionality
    • Virtual Appliances
    • Internal Domains

    4 – Umbrella Roaming Security

    • AnyConnect: Cisco Umbrella Roaming Security Client Administrator Guide
    • Cisco Umbrella Dashboard at a glance
    • Cisco Certificate Import

    5 – Virtual Appliance Setup Guide

    • Discuss Deployment Guidelines
    • How to Deploy the VAs
    • Review via VMware
    • Review via Hyper-V
    • Understand Your VAs
    • Local DNS Forwarding
    • Overview of DNS
    • Explain Sites and Internal Networks
    • Sizing

    6 – Active Directory

    • Overview of Active Directory
    • Discuss Up DNS Forwarding with your VAs
    • Active Directory Environment
    • Route DNS Traffic
    • Communication Flow
    • Multiple Active Directory and Umbrella Sites

    7 – Reporting Overview

    • Reporting Basics
    • Understanding Security Categories
    • Scheduled Reports: Overview
    • Security Overview Report
    • Activity Search Report
    • Security Activity Report
    • Destinations Report
    • Identities Report
    • Cloud Services Report
    • Admin Audit Log Report

    8 – Umbrella Multi-Org Overview

    • Cisco Umbrella Multi-Org Overview
    • Centralized Settings
    • Centralized Reports: Service Status
    • Centralized Reports: Cloud Services
  • Upon successful completion of this course, the student will gain the following knowledge:
    How to describe and position Cisco Umbrella
    Discuss Secure Internet Gateway and Ransomware Protection
    Learn about DNS & IP layer enforcement & Intelligent Proxy
    Describe Command and control callback blocking
    Discuss Threat Intelligence
    Compare Umbrella Packages
    Understand Roaming Security
    Basic understanding of Cisco Roaming Client
    Understand how to use Cisco Umbrella Virtual Appliance
    Explain the ease of Integrating Cisco Umbrella into Active Directory
    Discuss Umbrella Reporting
    Understand Utilize Multi-Organization Tools