Effective Interpersonal Communication for Business Professionals

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To be successful in the workplace, you must be able to effectively communicate and cooperate with coworkers and external people.

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The typical students of this course will be business professionals who want to enhance their communication skills to interact more effectively with superiors, colleagues, team members, customers, and vendors, and ultimately improve their overall job performance.

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07/11/20249:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET$395.00
  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Interacting with Others

    • Topic A: Understand the Communication Process
    • Topic B: Apply Core Communication Skills
    • Topic C: Observe Nonverbal Communication

    2 – Building Positive Relationships

    • Topic A: Create Connection
    • Topic B: Adapt Appropriately to Different Communication Styles
    • Topic C: Accommodate Diversity

    3 – Considering Organizational Communication Systems

    • Topic A: Analyze Organizational Culture
    • Topic B: Ensure Communication Flows Effectively

    4 – Communicating with Peers

    • Topic A: Interact Effectively with Peers
    • Topic B: Work Productively in a Group
    • Topic C: Engage in Productive Meetings
    • Topic D: Lead a Team

    5 – Communicating with Supervisors

    • Topic A: Communicate with Different Supervisor Styles
    • Topic B: Discuss Important Topics with Your Supervisor

    6 – Communicating with External People

    • Topic A: Interact Effectively with Customers
    • Topic B: Work Productively with Vendors

    7 – Communicating During Conflict and Change

    • Topic A: Communicate Through Conflict
    • Topic B: Communicate Through Change
  • In this course, you will use a variety of methods to communicate effectively with people in many different roles in an organization. You will:
    Interact productively with others in the workplace on a day-to-day basis.
    Build positive relationships with diverse individuals.
    Consider organizational communication systems.
    Communicate with peers.
    Communicate with supervisors.
    Communicate with external people.
    Communicate during conflict and change.