Excellence in Customer Service (Advanced)

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In this course, you will apply important principles and skills you can use as a customer service professional.

In addition to providing basic customer service, you’ll also learn important principles and skills that will empower you to solve difficult and challenging customer interactions, encourage further sales, and take on leadership responsibilities.
This course may earn a Credly Badge.

This Course is for…

This course is intended for customer service professionals with some experience in the field who want to expand or refresh their knowledge and improve their skills.
It is also intended for customer service professionals who have taken on, or are looking to assume, greater leadership responsibility.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Applying Customer Service Foundations

    • Topic A: Assess Customer Service Basics
    • Topic B: Develop Interpersonal Skills

    2 – Managing Your Workflow

    • Topic A: Apply Organizational Skills
    • Topic B: Handle Simultaneous Customer Contacts
    • Topic C: Manage Individual Stress

    3 – Taking Care of Customers

    • Topic A: Maintain Focus on the Issue
    • Topic B: Assess Customers
    • Topic C: Diagnose Customers’ Problems
    • Topic D: Educate the Customer
    • Topic E: Resolve Customers’ Problems
    • Topic F: Encourage Further Sales Through Service

    4 – Dealing with Challenging Customer Interactions

    • Topic A: Recognize Difficult Situations
    • Topic B: Work within Your Company Parameters
    • Topic C: Handle a Difficult Interaction
    • Topic D: Overcome Negativity
    • Topic E: Redirect the Customer
    • Topic F: Follow Up on a Challenging Situation

    5 – Progressing to Leadership

    • Topic A: Lead from Within Your Team
    • Topic B: Address Escalated Customer Issues
    • Topic C: Analyze Customer Service Metrics
  • In this course, you will refresh and expand your customer service skill set.
    You will:
    Apply fundamental customer service knowledge and skills.
    Manage your everyday workflow.
    Take care of customers by assessing their needs, resolving their issues, and encouraging further sales.
    Deal with challenging customer interactions.
    Apply customer service leadership skills