Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Advanced Site Owner

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1 days - $495

Microsoft® SharePoint®, in conjunction with the Microsoft 365™ productivity and office automation suite, provides tools to create and manage a corporate intranet, facilitate content sharing and collaboration, and enable users to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location.

Users who already have experience as SharePoint site members and owners may be ready to move on to more advanced site-building tasks such as using custom site templates, custom themes, applying advanced permissions settings, improving security, and preparing sites to support governance and compliance.

Advanced site builders may be ready to undertake more advanced site management tasks, working in conjunction with their SharePoint Administrator to create and use custom site templates, t

This Course is for…

This course is designed for students who already have experience creating Modern SharePoint sites and populating them with content, who want to learn advanced features to extend SharePoint’s capabilities, make information easier to find and manage, use SharePoint features to improve governance and compliance, and improve the security of information and services within the SharePoint environment.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Lesson 1: Creating Custom Site Templates

    • Topic A: Prepare a Site Script
    • Topic B: Generate and Use a Custom Site Template

    2 – Lesson 2: Managing Content Services

    • Topic A: Plan and Configure Managed Metadata
    • Topic B: Create and Manage Content Types
    • Topic C: Use Managed Metadata for Navigation and Filtering

    3 – Lesson 3: Controlling Access Through Permissions

    • Topic A: Assign Permissions
    • Topic B: Manage Permissions Inheritance

    4 – Lesson 4: Improving Security

    • Topic A: Manage Access at the Site Level
    • Topic B: Manage Access at the Tenant Level
  • In this course, you will perform advanced site-building and administration tasks. You will:
    Create a custom site template to reduce the time spent creating similarly configured SharePoint sites.
    Configure managed metadata, including custom term sets, content types, and metadata-based navigation.
    Control access through permissions.
    Improve overall security of sites, lists, libraries, folders, list items, and documents.