Problem Solving and Decision Making

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1 days - $795

Understanding how to quickly address problems and bring your project team to a consensus is a crucial skill for Project Managers if they want to stay ahead of the curve. This course will help you unlock the key principles necessary to keep your projects moving forward.

This course is part of the PMI Talent Triangle Fast Pass bundle and fulfills the Strategic and Business Management segment (8 PDUs) of the PMI Talent Triangle for PMP credential holders.

This Course is for…

This course is for any project manager looking to grow in their career by developing leadership and business acumen competencies in addition to their core project management skills.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Defining decision making

    • Understanding Decision-Making and How it Happens
    • Why People Do or Don’t Make Decisions
    • Ways to Make Decisions

    2 – Defining problem solving

    • Understanding Problem Solving
    • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
    • Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving
    • Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)

    3 – Learn the Seven-Step Problem Solving Process

    • Problem Definition
    • Decision to Act on a Problem
    • Define Problem Solving Scope
    • Finding Root Cause
    • Prioritizing Root Cause Correction
    • Prioritizing Root Cause Correction
    • Select a Solution
  • Understand the similarities between problem solving and decision making
    Understand the differences between problem solving and decision making
    Learn a variety of leading frameworks used to inform decision making
    Conduct exercises to practice each of the seven-steps of the problem-solving process