SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™)

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3 days - $2,250

Agile relies on adaptive planning and iterative development and delivery. It focuses primarily on the value of people in getting the job done effectively.
Successful candidates will be awarded the SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) certification by SCRUMstudy after passing the included certification exam. The certification exam voucher is included in this course so you can take the exam at your convenience.
This course may earn a Credly Badge.

This Course is for…

This certification is appropriate for anyone interested in becoming familiar with the concepts and practices of Agile Project Delivery, and who wants to have a working knowledge of the various Agile methodologies.

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  • Course Outline
  • Objectives
  • 1 – Introduction

    2 – Agile Overview

    • Agile Defined
    • Why Use Agile?
    • Adaptive Project Management
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Principles of the Agile Manifesto
    • Declaration of Interdependence
    • Difference between Waterfall and Agile

    3 – Domains of Agile Practices

    • Value-Driven Delivery
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Team Performance Practices
    • Adaptive Planning
    • Problem Detection and Resolution
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Agile Tools and Artifacts

    4 – Lean Kanban Software Development

    • Introduction
    • Core Values
    • Practices
    • Understanding Lean Software Development
    • Understanding Kanban Software Development

    5 – Scrum

    • Overview of Scrum
    • Brief History of Scrum
    • Why Use Scrum?
    • Scalability of Scrum
    • Scrum Principles
    • Scrum Aspects
    • Scrum Processes
    • Scrum and Kanban

    6 – Extreme Programming (XP)

    • Introduction
    • Core Values?
    • Roles
    • Practices
    • XP Artifacts
    • XP Events
    • XP Release
    • Adopting XP

    7 – Test-Driven Development (TDD)

    • Introduction
    • The Process

    8 – Dynamic Systems Development Methods (DSDM)

    • Introduction
    • Core Values
    • Roles
    • Practices

    9 – Crystal

    • Introduction
    • Core Values
    • Roles
    • Practices
    • The Process

    10 – Feature Driven Development (FDD)

    • Introduction
    • Core Values
    • Roles
    • Practices
    • The Process

    11 – Comparison of Agile Methods

    12 – Best Fit Analysis Tool

    13 – Blitz Planning

    14 – Note

    • SCRUMstudy has authored the SBOK™ Guide as a comprehensive guide to deliver successful projects using Scrum. SCRUMstudy works through its large global partner network of Authorized Training Providers (A.T.P.s) to deliver trainings and certifications.
  • Objectives are:
    To provide an understanding of Agile philosophy and practices
    To provide a working knowledge of various Agile methodologies
    To provide students with the ability to compare and choose which methodology is appropriate in a given situation
    To prepare participants to pass the SAMC™ exam
    Course outcomes:
    Participants will be familiar with the concepts and practices of Agile project delivery.
    Participants will be equipped with detailed knowledge and understanding of available Agile methodologies.
    Participants will be able to compare and choose the methodologies or parts of methodologies that are most relevant to their current and future situations.
    Participants will be armed with the proper tools to take the lead in Agile projects and to address and resolve Agile issues in their organizations.
    Participants will be SAMC certified.