Cybersecurity Training at My IT Future

Who is keeping your information secure?

There are 5.3 billion Internet users around the world – that’s about 66% of the world’s population. Are you doing your part to be cyber smart? As the digital world continues to evolve, cybercrime, malware, ransomware and social engineering will continue to rise. Your privacy isn’t just a luxury – it’s a security measure that you need to take in order to protect your data and yourself.

Hackers attack networks an average of once every 39 seconds, which means staying up-to-date on security training is essential for keeping employees—and their data—safe.

Which Path is Right for You?

Today being security-aware is not something required only of IT and Cybersecurity Professionals. It is the responsibility of everyone in an organization to have at minimum a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities.

The My IT Future Cybersecurity portfolio of courses is designed to provide security training no matter your level of experience or requisite need.

Cybersecurity Courses

This course provides the foundational security skills necessary to safeguard networks, detect threats and security data.

This course covers general concepts and methodologies related to pen testing, and you will work your way through a simulated pen test for a fictitious company. 

This course is for experienced security professionals offering a job-related approach to the security process, while providing a framework to prepare for CISSP certification.

Ths course bridges the gap between ITAM and IT security processes while incorporating security strategies throughout the ITAM policies, processes and procedures .

This course is designed for cyber professionals tasked with incident detection, prevention and response through continuous security monitoring. Learn about tools and tactics to manage cybersecurity risks.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. This course was built to incorporate a unique, in-depth and interactive hands-on environment 

This course focuses on data lifecycle management and information protection and compliance within your organization. The course covers implementation of data loss prevention policies, sensitive information types, sensitivity labels, data retention policies, Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, audit, eDiscovery, and insider risk among other related topics.