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Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft certifications include role-based certifications and the new scenario-specific, applied skills. Role-based certifications include roles like administrator, engineer, business analyst data analyst, developer, DevOps engineer, security engineer, solution architect, technology manager and more.

Applied skills validate only one specific skill and is not a replacement for certifications, rather complimentary to certifications.

Microsoft Training
For both obtaining new skills and preparing for Microsoft certifications, My IT Future is your premiere source for Microsoft Technical Training.

Microsoft Technical Training at My IT Future

My IT Future has over 30 years experience with Microsoft training and certification. From Azure to SQL we offer a wide array of courses.

Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft  skills for personal use, embarking on a new career, trying to solve a particular problem at work or working towards career advancement, My IT Future has the Microsoft technical training that you are looking for.

MIcrosoft Technical Courses at My IT Future

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Azure administrators manage the Azure subscriptions, manage and configure virtual machines,  and oversee compute, storage, network and security in the cloud environment.

Azure Administrator Courses

AZ-104T00 – Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-900T00 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AZ-140T00 Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Power Platform

5 popular applications to allow user to create new end-to-end business solutions that deliver value using low-code solutions .

Microsoft Power Platform Courses

PL-100T00 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

PL-400T00 Microsoft Power Platform Developer

PL-600T00 Power Platform Solution Architect

PL-900T00 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals


Microsoft offers several database products catering to different needs and scenarios. Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive relational database management system (RDBMS) that provides robust data storage, management, and processing capabilities. Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service built on SQL Server technologies. It runs in the cloud and offers high availability, scalability, and security features.

Microsoft Database Courses

55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1

DP-080T00 Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL

DP-900T00 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

DP-203T00 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

DP-300T00: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions


Microsoft Azure DevOps

Create and deliver products at a faster pace using Azure DevOps to bring together developers, project managers and contributors to develop software.

AZ-400T00 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Microsoft Power BI

Visualize and analyze data from a variety of sources. Create interactive reports and dashboards. Connect to a wide range of data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, cloud services, and web APIs.

PL-300T00: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative web-based tool used for document management and storage, but it also features content management, intranet and internet site creation, workflow management, and social networking tools.

Microsoft SharePoint Courses:

SharePoint – Site Basics (Modern Experience)

Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Advanced Site Owner

Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Owner with Power Platform

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Manage finance, sales, customer service, supply chain management, and human resources with the suite of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.

MB-910T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)