Professional Development Training at My IT Future

Professional Development Training

Our Professional Development courses focus on the practical expertise and competencies that you need to further your professional development, enhancing your proficiency in key areas.

As a motivated professional, you recognize the importance of mastering relevant competencies.

A skilled workforce is often the key to a company's growth and stability.

Value of Professional Development Training at My IT Future

Professional Development training at My IT Future is an affordable solution for employees and employers. Our courses cover a range of real world scenarios. Learn to coach and motivate others, better communication skills, customer service basics and disovering your leadership voice.

Today’s business world calls for a balanced skill set in order to be productive within an organization and competitive in the local to global marketplace. 

Professional Development Courses at My IT Future

Learn the correct etiquette for business settings, including introductions, meetings and social events.

Apply techniques to encourage participation, reach consensus and deal constructively with disruption, plan and run a focused meeting.

Assess your leadership traits, establish your leadership development plan and develop your communication skills.

E-mail Etiquette

Write effective emails, understand e-policies, email accessories, passwords and netiquette guidelines.

Effective Interpersonal Communication for Business Professionals

Build positive relationships in the workplace, undstand your organizational communication systems, learn to communicate effectively with your peers, supervisors, customers and vendors. 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

How are problem solving and decioins making alike and different? What are the steps of the problem solving process? What frameworks can you use to inform decision making.

Build a coaching foundation, establish a process, execute a plan and explore strategies for coaching in different circumstances.

Understand the benefits of customer service, identify external and internal customer and learn how to help your company excel.

Enhance your leadership effectiveness through your message, engage, motivate and inspire others, use your voice to increase your impact and influence.

Effective Business Writing (Second Edition)

Create business documents that are clear, concise and appropriate in a business context.

Effective Leadership through Coaching

A core competency of leadership is to enable others to grow and fulfill their potential. Learn to coach your employees to discover and apply their talents and strengths.